ScriptCo Pharmacy has launched a new partnership with Doctegrity, a leader in low cost telemedicine and eHealthcare. Through your ScriptCo membership you can gain valuable discounts to access healthcare via Doctegrity. Doctegrity brings a new level of healthcare access at a very low cost. We hope this partnership can improve your livelihood and continue our goal of affordable healthcare for all. 
Doctegrity was launched to bring innovation to healthcare and save you money. With healthcare costs increasing, day-to-day healthcare is quickly becoming unaffordable. We treat 75% of common conditions to avoid costly and time-consuming doctor visits, Urgent Care or even Emergency Room visits. With Doctegrity there are no copays or surprising bills. We’ve studied our competitors and brought you a better solution at a lower price. 
As a ScriptCo member you get 55% off an individual membership to Doctegrity.
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