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How does ScriptCo work?2022-02-11T10:41:18-06:00

If you are ready to become a member, we are ready to earn your trust! To get started, just click the “Join” button on the top of this page and it will walk you through the simple process. Once you are a member, have your prescribers send in new prescriptions to ScriptCo Pharmacy.  ScriptCo will send you a text message, at which time you can log in to your member portal and pay for your medications, as well as select your desired shipping method.

Can I transfer existing prescriptions, or do I have to get a new prescription?2020-08-26T11:14:59-05:00

Once you sign up for a membership we would need a new prescription sent in by your prescriber.  To give true at-cost pricing and expedite prescription processing, we ask for new prescriptions and do not take transfers from other pharmacies. 

Can I cancel my order?2019-09-26T14:13:39-05:00

If you need to make changes to or cancel your order, please contact us at 254-300-7366. Orders cannot be cancelled once shipped.

How long does it take to get my prescription?2021-05-24T08:56:05-05:00

Once your prescription is paid for, it is usually sent out the same day.  Currently, the shipping methods are as follows:

  • Free Shipping (USPS First Class) 1-5 business days
  • USPS First Class 1-5 business days = $6
  • USPS Priority mail 2-3 business days= $10
  • UPS Expedited Shipping (Overnight) (required for cold shipments)= Price calculated at checkout
If I have a prescription in my hand, can I mail or fax it to you?2020-08-26T11:16:03-05:00

We only accept prescriptions to be sent electronically or faxed directly from your provider.

What if I am out of refills?2020-08-26T11:16:58-05:00

Not a problem!  Please let the pharmacy know you would like a refill, and we will request refills from your doctor on your behalf.  However, if you need your refill in a hurry, you may also want to give your doctor’s office a call since that can make them move a little faster. 

How do I refill my prescriptions?2022-05-18T15:13:07-05:00

You can request refills from your member login by clicking on the “Request Refills” tab or you can call the pharmacy and use the automated touch-tone service. After that, you will receive a text message alerting you that you have “medications ready for payment”.

How much does a ScriptCo Membership cost?2023-03-02T17:03:16-06:00

You have the option upon signup to elect:

  1. Family Membership: $280 billed auto recurring payment every 12 months. (this is a 4 person membership BEST VALUE)
  2. Yearly membership: $140 billed auto recurring payment every 12 months ($60 savings on the year)
  3. Quarterly membership: $50 billed auto recurring payment every 3 months
What form of payment do you accept?2022-05-18T11:31:57-05:00

ScriptCo accepts all major credit cards.

I am on Medicare, can I use you guys?2022-05-18T11:31:28-05:00

Absolutely! We do not take any form of insurance, so no matter what health plan you have, Medicaid, or Medicare, PPO or HMO, you can still be a member of ScriptCo. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your health plan administrator.

Does buying from you affect my insurance coverage?2022-05-18T11:30:57-05:00

Not at all. Being a ScriptCo member is exactly the same as paying without using insurance at any retail pharmacy, which is perfectly fine. 

Do you accept FSA/HSA cards?2022-05-18T10:55:54-05:00

We are registered to accept FSA/HSA as an online pharmacy.  However, your plan sponsor ultimately may not include “online pharmacies” under your plan.  You are free to try your FSA/HSA card with us, but if it declines it is out of our control and is a limit set by your plan sponsor.

How can I track my order?2019-09-26T14:44:08-05:00

We send a tracking number immediately upon shipping to all of our members.

Shipping Options?2021-10-12T11:13:32-05:00

Currently, the shipping methods are as follows:

  • Free Shipping (USPS First Class) 1-5 business days
  • USPS First Class 1-5 business days = $6
  • USPS Priority mail 2-3 business days= $10
  • UPS Expedited Shipping (Overnight) (required for cold shipments)= $40
Is it safe to mail my prescriptions?2020-08-26T11:19:08-05:00

Tens of thousands of prescriptions are mailed all across the country on a daily basis.

What if I didn’t get my shipment?2019-09-26T14:48:10-05:00

Call us immediately and we will get to the bottom of it together.

How much is shipping?2022-04-22T15:35:27-05:00

ScriptCo members are entitled to receive their medications with no shipping cost.  These “free shipments are shipped USPS first class.  Delivery time is normally 1-5 business days:

  • Annual memberships receive four free shipments per year (12 months).
  • Quarterly memberships receive one free shipment per quarter (3 months).

These free shipments are shipped USPS first class mail.  After the member uses their free shipments or any non-member who wants to use ScriptCo, will have the option:

  1. USPS first class mail (1-5 business days): $6 per shipment
  2. USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days): $10 per shipment
  3. UPS Expedited shipping (Packages that include refrigerated item(s) require expedited shipping): $40 per shipment
Can you ship to a different address?2020-08-26T11:21:29-05:00

Yes, just update the shipping address in your profile online that you would like your medications to be shipped to, and that is where they will go starting with the next time we ship to you.

Does ScriptCo provide vaccinations?2020-08-28T10:46:28-05:00


Member Vs. Non-Member2021-05-04T14:22:29-05:00

All members are entitled to their free shipments (see membership overview on the homepage).  All members get their medications at the true wholesale cost (you buy the medications for the same price we purchase the medications for).  All Non-Members pay for all shipping charges and incur a $50 fee per prescription.

How do I get my prescriptions to you?2022-02-23T10:51:15-06:00

Simply have your prescriber send in new prescriptions via: fax, E-Scribe, or telephone, and we will do the rest.

What is the wholesale price of my medications?2022-02-23T10:55:08-06:00

The wholesale price of a medication is the rate or dollar amount at which a pharmacy buys its medications. Please see the “calculate your savings” tool on the home page to find out the estimated wholesale cost of your medications.

Are you guys a real pharmacy?2022-11-15T15:58:19-06:00

Yes! We are a Texas-based pharmacy with real people and a real pharmacy license and real cost savings! We are not a coupon card, nor a third party to a pharmacy. Please click here to see our license verification page.

Do I have to enter into a contract?2022-02-23T10:55:58-06:00

No, but all memberships are non-refundable because we are operating on such a slim margin to pass on all the value we can to our members.

Are there any other costs beyond the Membership fee?2022-02-23T10:56:22-06:00

Nope! Once your free shipping credits have been used, you will have to pay for shipping costs though.

How do I update my account information?2022-02-23T10:57:03-06:00

Just log in to your member profile on the home page and click “Update My Profile.”

How do I add an additional member?2022-02-23T10:58:27-06:00

We priced our membership at such a low rate that each member requires their own membership. We are looking to offer corporate and family memberships in the future. Please check back!

Does ScriptCo accept insurance?2022-02-23T10:58:53-06:00

ScriptCo does not accept insurance. We have no way of processing insurance claims. In fact you will most likely save money by not using insurance on your generic medications.

Do I need a prescription to buy medications from you?2022-02-23T10:59:19-06:00

We can only fulfill your medication with a prescription from a valid prescriber located in the United States. If your prescriber denies the prescription request or we are unable to obtain your prescriptions for any other reason, then your order is held without charge until the order is filled.

Where do you get your medications from?2022-02-23T11:00:51-06:00

We buy only FDA-approved medications from licensed and bonded wholesalers.

How can your prices be so low?2022-02-23T11:01:27-06:00

Patients have never been exposed to the wholesale cost, and we are looking to change this!

Do you carry brand name medications?2022-02-23T11:01:54-06:00

At this time we only dispense generic medications. If your drug is not on the quote tool then it is highly likely it is a medication that is only available as the brand (we cannot save you money) or a controlled substance (we cannot dispense this). If you are certain you have a generic medication and it is not on the quote tool, please call us: 888-201-0334

What is your return policy?2022-02-23T11:02:52-06:00

By law, we cannot accept the returns of any prescription drugs. If you do need to dispose of your meds, please contact your local pharmacy to see if they accept free medication disposal.

Can you carry all of my medications?2022-02-23T11:03:32-06:00

We’ll do our best to fill all your monthly generic meds. But in some cases, such as when the only drug option is brand name or when you’re required to start treatment immediately (like antibiotics), it may be better to use your local pharmacy.

Can i sign up my pet for a membership?2022-04-29T08:57:30-05:00

Yes you can! However, there are a couple of things to note here. Before signing up please quote your drug for your animal. We can only dispense human drugs and do not have the capability of purchasing “pet only” medications. If you have a membership and are trying to signup for your pet, you can use all the same info for account signup as yourself (including your phone number) but you would need a different email address for your pet account. When you sign up your pet, please use this format on the join form in the “First Name” field to let us know it is an animal:
First Name: Animals First name, Species, Owners First name. For example: Rufus DOG Mark

Can I get 90 days supplies on my medicines?2022-05-18T15:11:08-05:00

We try to always fill prescriptions for 90 days!  Sometimes you may need to contact your prescriber’s office to specifically ask for a new prescription for 90 days.  For prescriptions that are written for more than 90 days, we may shorten them to 90 days in the interest of patient safety.

Can I get 90 days supplies on my medicines?2022-05-18T15:15:22-05:00

We try to always fill prescriptions for 90 days!  Sometimes you may need to contact your prescriber’s office to specifically ask for a new prescription for 90 days.  For prescriptions that are written for more than 90 days, we may shorten them to 90 days in the interest of patient safety.

Do you sell insulins?2022-05-18T15:13:43-05:00

YES! As well as all other diabetic supplies needed.

Do you have narcotics or controlled substances?2022-05-18T15:16:21-05:00

We currently do not dispense controlled substances.

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