The Impact of Rising Prescription Drug Costs

Healthcare costs have been steadily increasing, and prescription drugs have emerged as a major contributor to this trend. Employers, especially those with self-funded health care plans, are particularly concerned about the rising costs of prescription drugs. The misaligned incentives in the drug supply chain, prioritizing high-cost drugs for rebates, highly inflated generic costs, and inflated administrative fees, have contributed to significant overpayment of drug prices and limited transparency. As a result, employers are seeking innovative solutions to reduce costs and provide their employees with access to affordable and effective medications. ScriptCo Pharmacy offers unique and innovative solutions that drive a 30-50% reduction in total spend for self-funded employer health care plans. By leveraging advanced technology and strategic partnerships, ScriptCo Pharmacy empowers employers to optimize their health plan offerings, reduce costs, and ensure better healthcare options for their workforce.


ScriptCo Pharmacy’s Approach to Cost Savings

Employers are now recognizing that they cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different outcome. ScriptCo Pharmacy meets this need for effective cost containment strategies in self-funded employer health care plans by harnessing cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships. ScriptCo Pharmacy offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that drive cost savings and improve the overall value of health care plans. Let’s explore some of the key solutions provided by ScriptCo Pharmacy:

Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Solutions

ScriptCo Pharmacy’s PBM partners have designed plans to optimize prescription drug costs and improve medication management. While ScriptCo mail order removes all the fat from the generic side of the equation, ScriptCo’s PBM partners offer access to existing nationwide networks of pharmacies, that negotiate competitive discounts for all acute and controlled substances.

Value-Based Solution

ScriptCo Pharmacy’s turnkey solution with its strategic partners help employers generate substantial savings on specialty and high-cost medications through multiple options ensuring cost savings without compromising the quality of care. This program seamlessly integrates with ScriptCo Pharmacy’s comprehensive services, providing members with the best health care journey and user experience.

The Benefits of ScriptCo Pharmacy’s Solutions

By partnering with ScriptCo Pharmacy and implementing their innovative solutions, self-funded employer health care plans can reap numerous benefits. Let’s explore some of the key advantages:

Cost Savings

ScriptCo Pharmacy’s solutions are specifically designed to drive cost savings in self-funded employer health care plans. Employers can reduce their total pharmacy spend by 30-50%. These cost savings translate into a healthier bottom line for employers and more affordable health care options for employees.

Improved Transparency and Pricing

ScriptCo Pharmacy’s solutions promote transparency and pricing accuracy in prescription drug costs. By leveraging zero markup, pass through pricing on medications, and their PBM partners negotiating competitive discounts, employers gain better visibility into the true cost of medications. This transparency enables employers to make informed decisions about medication coverage and ensures that they pay fair drug prices.


As self-funded employer healthcare plans continue to navigate the challenges of rising prescription drug costs, innovative solutions are crucial for cost containment and improved healthcare value. ScriptCo Pharmacy’s unique offerings empower employers to optimize their health plan offerings, reduce costs, and provide better healthcare options for their employees. By leveraging advanced technology, strategic partnerships, and a member-centric approach, ScriptCo Pharmacy drives cost savings, enhances transparency, and improves user experience. Employers can trust through actual uninhibited transparency, ScriptCo Pharmacy to be their reliable partner in navigating the complex landscape of self-funded healthcare plans and ensuring a brighter and healthier future for their workforce.