ScriptCo Pharmacy Unveils Innovative B2B Pharmacy Program Tailored for Indemnity Plans

ScriptCo Pharmacy, the innovative pharmacy service known for its transparent pricing and wholesale medication costs, is excited to announce the launch of its Business-to-Business (B2B) Pharmacy Program designed specifically for Indemnity Plans. This groundbreaking program promises to streamline pharmacy benefits, reduce administrative hassles, and deliver cost-effective prescription solutions to members.

Affordable Membership with Big Savings

Starting at just a small fee per eligible member per month, Indemnity Plans can now offer their members access to ScriptCo’s AT COST medication pricing, ensuring that both the plan and its members save money on prescription drugs.

Key Benefits of the ScriptCo B2B Pharmacy Program:

  • Elimination of Administrative Costs: With the ScriptCo B2B program, Indemnity Plans can bid farewell to the traditional administrative costs associated with processing claims sent in via receipts from the Indemnity Plan members. Instead, ScriptCo Pharmacy offers a live feed of pharmacy claims, simplifying the process and reducing overhead.
  • Flexibility in Prescription out of pocket: Indemnity Plans have the unique opportunity to “sponsor” medication costs for their members. Plans can determine a fixed dollar amount they are willing to cover per prescription, providing additional value to members and enhancing the overall value of their pharmacy benefits.
  • Transparent Pricing: ScriptCo’s commitment to transparency means that both Indemnity Plans and their members have clear insight into the ACTUAL cost of medications, fostering trust and promoting better financial planning.
  • Access to a Wide Range of Medications: Members will enjoy access to ScriptCo’s extensive warehouse of prescription medications, ensuring they can find the medications they need at prices that are fair and transparent. ScriptCo dispenses all NON CONTROLLED medications.

A Call to Action for Indemnity Plans

ScriptCo Pharmacy invites Indemnity Plans to join this revolutionary program that is poised to transform the way pharmacy benefits are administered and experienced by members. By signing up for ScriptCo’s B2B Pharmacy Program, plans can not only anticipate significant cost savings but also offer their members a more seamless and supportive pharmacy experience.

About ScriptCo Pharmacy

ScriptCo Pharmacy is a membership-based pharmacy that buys directly from manufactures and wholesalers, bypassing traditional pharmacy markup, providing medications at their TRUE cost. With a focus on transparency and affordability, ScriptCo is changing the landscape of prescription drug pricing and is committed to making medications accessible to all.

For More Information

Indemnity Plans interested in learning more about ScriptCo Pharmacy’s B2B program can visit the ScriptCo website or contact their B2B program representative.


ScriptCo Pharmacy B2B Program Representative
Zach Zeller – President



ScriptCo’s innovative approach is not just a win for cost savings, but a leap forward for healthcare transparency and member satisfaction. Don’t let your members miss out on the benefits and savings that come with ScriptCo’s B2B Pharmacy Program. Sign up today and be a part of the change.