WACO, TX March 11, 2020 — As Americans continue to pay high prescription medication prices, ScriptCo Pharmacy today announced the company is making prescription medications affordable to residents in Texas, Idaho, Massachusetts, and Nebraska.

ScriptCo launched in October 2019 and currently serves dozens of members in the four states where it is licensed. The company plans to service all 50 states by 2021.

Waco resident Jim Bowen says he became a member of ScriptCo around November 2019. “I was paying around $250 a month, and now I pay $30 a month.”

After paying $50-$60 a month for medication, Jose Gonzales joined ScriptCo in February. “I now pay about $16-17 a month,” Gonzales said.

“We are unaware of any other membership club offering true, zero-markup, wholesale access to generic prescriptions,” said Zach Zeller, co-owner of ScriptCo. “Since we operate as a ‘coop model,’ the more members we gain, the more we can negotiate prices for the pharmacy to obtain from the wholesalers, and those savings are passed on to members.”

Zeller says patients have never been exposed to wholesale costs, and ScriptCo is looking to change this.

The wholesale price of a medication is the rate or dollar amount at which a pharmacy buys its medications. The ScriptCo website includes a “calculate your savings” tool on the home page to find out the estimated wholesale cost of medications.

Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in August 2019 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that in the United States, nearly seven in 10, or 69%, adults aged 40–79 used at least one prescription drug during a 30-day period, and around 1 in 5, or 22%, used at least five prescription drugs.

ScriptCo does not take any form of insurance. Zeller says members most likely save money by not using insurance on generic medications because ScriptCo does not mark up the drugs at all, not even by one penny. Regardless of what health plan a patient may have — Medicaid, or Medicare, PPO or HMO — he/she can still be a member of ScriptCo.

Today’s skyrocketing prescription medication costs, along with recent public health challenges, require a laser-focus on pharmaceutical innovation at prices that are affordable to all Americans.   In his State of the Union address in February, President Donald J. Trump addressed high drug prices. He said, “We have approved a record number of affordable generic drugs, and medicines are being approved by the F.D.A. at a faster clip than ever before.”


 Members save as much as 99% on their medications, which can equal thousands of dollars per year. Visit the ScriptCo website to learn more.